Vacuum Tumblers MAH

loading- unloading system touch screen control panel
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Vacuum tumblers MAH series for massaging in vacuum environment meat products, characterized by adjustable drum angle during both the loading and unloading as well as working time. Due to variable tilting angle the tumblers are ideal for use in modern process automation systems, loading / unloading and transportation for massaging muscles. The MAH vacuum tumblers are available with a cooling jacket or without cooling jacket.

Construction Advantages:
  • Execution of stainless steel
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Smooth adjustment of all massaging parameters
  • Adjustable angle of tumbler’s drum
  • Possibility of automation of loading and unloading of muscles
  • Suitable for use with automated transportation lines of meat: "brine injector-massaging tumbler" and "massaging tumbler-ready-made-products"
  • Weighing system *
  • Automatic closing and opening of lid*
  • Security system for vacuum pump
  • Two technological revision holes
  • Computerized system for monitoring of performance of the machine
  • Innovative blade system allowing: 
       - Shortening of massaging time 
       - Improve a quality of muscle 
       - ideal massaging of most delicate parts of meat
       - Minimization of yield losses

* optional

Transport systems of muscles:

Using the MAH vacuum tumblers we can design modern transport solutions for muscle, tailored to the individual needs of meat processing plants. To minimize time losses and inter-operational losses, to eliminate weight errors, to minimize number of operation personnel in the departments of brine injection and meat massaging.

Spiral blade system

results in significantly increased movement of meat along the circumference of the tumbler drum while moving it in a horizontal plane (front-back). At the same time it  allows for a gentle treatment of massaged meat elements, which favorably affects their appearance and final process yield, particularly with regard to the most delicate meat.   During massaging the meat stream flows through the spiral to the back of the drum, then the next phase of the turn causes raising  the meat to the top and returning it to the front according to the sinusoidal algorithm. This results in more intense rubbing of the individual elements of each other to give a better massaging effect in a much shorter time.

Types of tumblers





MAH-10200 PSCH

Drum capacity

dm3 3200 5200 7200 10200

Maximum load

kg 2000 3100 4300 6100
mm 4260 4480 4800 5260
B=width mm 2360 2370 2390 2710
H=height mm 2500-2860 2500-2960 2500~3170 2600~3400




3500 4400 5700