Injector SAS system with an integrated weighing system

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with an integrated weighing system, which consists in monitoring of  the weight of the injected raw material before and after injection 

The weighing system is based on the use of extensometers, it consists of two measuring systems located at the beginning and the end of the injection zone, which continuously measure the weight of the raw material on the machine conveyor. 
The advanced control system measures from both measuring plates and shows the current percentage increase in the mass of the raw material on the basis of the difference in indications. 
The weighing system allows you to control the injection level giving the operator the possibility of any adjustments in the program to maintain the set injection level for the whole lot, thus eliminating inaccuracies resulting from the quality of individual muscles, temperature, etc.

SAS SYSTEM INJECTORS (Servo Automatic System)
are intended to implement the most advanced processes of injection covering a wide range of meat raw materials:

  • muscles and elements of red meat with bone or boneless
  • whole poultry and parts of white meat with bone or boneless
  • fresh meat - white and red
  • fish and fish fillets